from July 29, 1942 - September 2, 1945 with the following:

1. Destruction of 27 Enemy planes
2. Assisting in the sinking of 1 Cruiser, 1 Destroyer at the BATTLE OF EMPRESS AUGUSTA BAY.
3. Assisting in the sinking of 2 Battleships, 1 Cruiser and 1 Destroyer at the BATTLE OF SURIGAO STRAITS.
4. Participation in 9 shore bombarments.

The men of Columbia were awarded approximately 170 PURPLE HEARTS, 1 AIR MEDAL, 2 NAVY CROSSES, 2 LEG. of MERIT
, 1 SILVER STAR, 18 BRONZE STARS and 10 Letters of Commadation

Note: SEA CLASSICS magazine December 1988
                        "HAIL COLUMBIA!: The Fightingest Light Cruiser of WW11."

Sheet 1         Popular Mechanics Magazine  Nov. 1944        "Cruisers are a Tough Breed"
                                        The story of the fighting cruiser Columbia as interpreted from her log.
                                           by Thomas E. Stimson, Jr.