3rd  Kamikaze hit January 9, 1945 Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands  

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Cover sheet                              War ships enter Lingayen Gulf
Proloque sheet 1 of 3                 Deck Log, Sat. Jan. 6,1945  1600 to 2400 hours, describes damage from 2nd kamikaze
Proloque sheet 2 of 3                 Deck Log, Sunday Jan. 7, 1945  1800 to  2400 hours, list men that died Jan. 7th and list men buried at sea.
Proloque sheet 3 of 3                 Deck Log, Monday Jan. 8, 1945 List men that died Jan. 8th and list men buried at sea.
Luzon map sheet 4
Lingayen Gulf map sheet 5         Indicates aprox. position of USS Columbia in Gulf.
Sheet 6                                     Cary H. Hall book page 96
Sheet 7                                     Cary H. Hall book page 97
Sheet 8                                     Cary H. Hall book page 98
Sheet 9                                      Cary H. Hall book page 99
Sheet 10                                    AG radars and Mark 51 gun director
Sheet 11                                    6 inch gun director lost January 9, 1945
Sheet 12                                    Deck Log, Tuesday January 9, 1945 0000 to 0800 hours
Sheet 13                                    Flight path of 3rd kamikaze  (sketch)
Sheet 14                                     "From the beach toward our port side" (sketch)
Sheet 15                                     "at 0745 hours" from the Battle History book
Sheet 16                                     "From the beach toward our port side" continued
Sheet 17                                    Deck Log  0000 to 0800 hours
Sheet 18                                    Mitsubishi "ZERO" fighter aircraft
Sheet 19                                     Mitsubishi "ZERO" and the Ki-44 "TOJO" fighter aircraft
Sheet 20                                    More accounts of the hit...Ted Cole picks up a flag.  John Smith, 4th Div. recalls more.
Sheet 21                                    Navy communications to Columbia
Sheet 22                                    After the landings
Sheet 23                                    Ammunition expended by USS Columbia

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