Columbia's first burial at sea
In addition to the four men killed, 34 others were treated for wounds resulting from this incident. In the post war years
the Columbia men have indicated that a "cut out" cam (incorrect from the shipyard) allowed the gun mount to
rotate too far and thus able to fire into the ship's superstructure.

Note: This incident occurred during (at the end of) a attack by enemy planes.
Deck log:  "at 1558 (hours) enemy planes coming in on formation low on water."
                "at 1559 commenced firing on enemy planes."
                "at 1602 The left gun of #1  5" mount fired into ship's structure, hitting Mark 51 Director.."

For more details go to Deck logs and click on Thursday December 14, 1944 sheet 1 and 2.
Burial services for 4 men Dec. 14, 1944