Original "GEM" newsletters
 These are copies of original "GEM" newsletters printed aboard USS Columbia CL-56 during the war. The originals are located at
The Confederate Relic Room and Museum,  301 Gervais Street,  Columbia, SC 29201.

                                              Note: More will be added as time permits.

Thanksgiving Day 1943    (NEW Nov 2014)                                  The President, by Proclamation has set aside Thursday, November 25th as
                                                                                                       a day of National Thanksgiving to God.........4 sheets, sympathy to DENVER
                                                                                                       & FOOTE,  "our big 33 hours",  resistence at BUKA,  our A.A. barrage

War ends "Cease all hostilities with Japan"                                       "Cease all hostilities with Japan. The war is over"
                                                                                 President Harry S. Truman

Third Anniversary Issue                                       July 29, 1945       Birthday greetings from Captain M. E. Curts, Columbia's WAR RECORD,
                                                                                                      Columbia's SCOREBOARD, sports.....5 pages

Columbia in OUR NAVY                             October 12, 1945      Columbia hits headlines again in OUR NAVY...2 pages
                                                                                                      with a link to original Magazine cover, index and article about Columbia (NEW April 2015)

 Christmas 1944     ( NEW Nov 2014)            December 1944       Christmas Edition,  VOL. 2,  NO. 3, page 1,
                                                                                                       CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM CAPTAIN CURTS