Pictures of small groups                             (More pictures will be added as time permits)

A work party                                                                              7 N Division men drinking

53 men with beards                                                                     Indoor Mass with Rev. Francis Mc Keon

16 men with beards and dog Scotty                                             SOC3 plane on catapult Anthony, Chilton, Penders, Bowman

3rd Division softball team                                                             Young, woods, zowada, Seaton, Cochran

A baseball team  O'Dell, Cole, Gill, Johnson, Drew                       Socker team "GEM Standouts"

Hunting on Isl of Efate                                                                  5 men at Elsie's bar  Larsen, Forrest, Wisener, Humenik, Clements 

Visit from Admiral Bull Halsey January 30, 1944                          A basketball team with names  Norton, Drew, Partridge, Damm, Hatimer

Unknown group sitting on deck                                                    5th Division softball team Witter, Farr, Straub, Kennedy, Edwards, Chupasko,
                                                                                                                                          Christian, Thiel, Owens, Bullard
Sunday Mass September 1943                                                    4 men with beards  Bevan, Fleckenstein, Haddad

20 men give V for Victory                                                            5 men with beards

Officer Plankowners V-J Day                                                       4 men at bar   Card, Castine, Chestnut, Casio

Officers congratulated Feb. 1, 1944                                              3 men in Okinawa West, Seaton, Conlin

Admiral Robert Haylor March 26, 1944                                       Scraping Columbia  Drab, Willard, Jan 20, 1944                                 

Brothers Richard & Dale McDaniel meet 1944

Captain Curts & son Robert 1944

Henry Avalos Abraham Alexander Cerrone

Bevan & Kepler